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August 20th, 2010

For the last roughly two years I've taken a break to spend time focusing on my family and other personal issues.  A few of you may be aware that I worked for Precedence Entertainment and all my work on Immortal since 2001 has been with no compensation and free to the public.  So after 7 years I needed a break to be honest as personal issues took precedence (no pun intended) over my work on Immortal.

At this point I have returned back to working on Tribal Law vs. Dragon's Rule (TLDR) and come to the same conclusion that partially led me to taking the break I started two years ago.  Doing the timeline and sorting out all of earth's human history, mythology, folklore, legend and pointing that to the twelve tribes, solitaires, and the droves... is a rather complex and Herculean task.  I have to avoid making all of human history nothing more than the machinations of the Tribes and Droves and their predecessors.  I also have to sort out the many conflicts where events clearly look like they belong to one group only to discover some small piece later that makes it questionable and forces me to reevaluate an entire part of earth's history.

So what is the plan now?

I'm going to finish TLvDR.  It will be a simple publication and it will be done when it is done (hopefully within a year).  I'm going to post every section as I finish the rough draft of it, as I have done so far.  Once all the sections are up I will compile them together into the final book.  It won't have much artwork as the two prior books, nor quite as much in the way of side stories and bars, but it will do what the prior two editions have not... provide a complete set of game resources for everyone.  And with that I will be finished Immortal Invisible War.

So what happens after that?

Afterwards I plan on moving to a reimagining of the game called (tentatively) Himsati: Modern Legend, that will take different spin on the game and some of the topics represented in it.  The Tribes and the Droves will exist but will play more of a background and resource role as we focus more on the individual character's journey.  Some concepts such as the Morpheum, Mantles and the role of gossamers will have tighter integration as will the concepts of Scions, Trysts, Makers and even splintered Avatars.  Immortality will not be automatically granted to all members of the himsati race, and the threat of physical "death" will loom a little harder in the new version (though the immortal spirit remains just that, immortal).

So, stay tuned and see what happens!

Rick Don, Designer - Immortal Invisible War 3rd Edition