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MARCH 2014:

GEN CON Event Listing Posted (see it here)

  • There will be two RPG sessions this year
  • We are running a side-game using the Hero System called Kaiju Hero - War of the Monsters, you can check it out in our Event Listing by clicking just above.
  • Game locations have not been finalized by Gen Con LLC yet, but we have the event numbers for you.

AUGUST 2012:

GEN CON Final Event Listing Posted (see it here)

  • There will be two RPG sessions this year
  • We are sorry but no Live Action this year for the first time in 16 years.  Hopefully we'll be able to start up a new round of them next year
  • We are running a side-game using the Hero System called Kaiju Hero - War of the Monsters, you can check it out in our Final Event Listing by clicking just above.

September 2010:

Phoenix Tribe Overview - Preview

  • Read their story, find out about the One Flame, see their important members, their factions, quiet cultures and convictions about the tenants of the Atlantean Pact and their views on other tribes.  Come learn about the Phoenix (beyond the timeline) today in the downloads section.

Phoenix History Preview

  • From the lands of the Arabian Nights Persia, Moorish rule in Spain, New Age Movements in England and the United States, to revolutions in France, the Phoenix traversed the globe in search of precious power to free their trapped brothers in the darkness of the Labyrinth.  Come read their history today in the downloads section.

Osiri History Preview

  • Their time spent studying the One Soul, the heights of their Egyptian Civilization and their ties to the Native American peoples of North and South America.  These are the Osiri, warriors for the freedom of the human soul.  Come read their history today in the downloads section.

August 2010:

Eremite History Preview

  • Born of the Rukshasa, transformed by the Ark of the Covenant, the power behind the likes of Ceaser and even Hitler, come see what brought the Seekers of God to where they are today, come read their history today in the downloads section.

Tuatha History Preview

  • From the mythical elves of Europe, to the Native American totems and shamanic spirits of Africa, the Tuatha have hidden places all around the world, come read their history today in the downloads section.

Hemari History Preview Updated

  • A few items of importance were found missing from the Hemari history timeline and were just added as follows:
  • 1400 BC - Distracted by the defection of Raatri, Makeda’s wards on Melheyon begin to fail.  In order to hide her, she travels to what is now present-day Ethiopia and creates a mantle using a piece of the Red Shard she secretly claimed after its destruction in 300,000 BC.  She places Melheyon within to keep her sleeping.

  • 854 BC - Having reclaimed the head of Samiel during the battle of Karkar, Makeda’s spies uncover the work of Osiris from his time spent studying the Incubus Heart (revealing that it is in existence and in the hands of the Nimrod).  Using what she has discovered, she creates an automaton body for the head and this new Femme Darkle stands as a guardian over Sheba and Melheyon.

  • 200 BC - The Femme Darkle becomes self-aware and escapes to Sheol where it becomes known as the Dark Lady.  Not realizing they are one in the same, the Anopheles believe this “Dark Lady” is an immortal who has stolen the automaton.

Shadowen History Preview

  • Former allies and members of the Stratagem Pact with the other Tribes, the Shadowen are now a 3rd power in the ages-old conflict with the Droves.  Come read the history of the Darkle!  You can find it in the downloads section.

Terat History Preview

  • Come read the history of the Unfettered Ones!  You can find it in the downloads section.
    Update 8/22/10 = Link is fixed and correctly goes to the Terat instead of the Hemari.  In addition a mistake in the placement of the loss of the head of Samiel by the Hemari is corrected and a new version of both Terat and Hemari has been uploaded with corrected information.

Note on the History Previews

  • Now that the number of history previews are growing, you will often find that bits of pieces of the history of a particular group may appear as part of the histories of other groups, even though they are noted in the core history.  For example, there are a number of examples in the upcoming Terat preview that will feature Tribes who have already had their core histories written.  Keep an eye out for additional information about the history of the tribes that have already been released to appear in upcoming histories of other tribes!

Hemari History Preview

  • Serving as both the history of the Hemari and of Drove Anopheles, you can find it in the downloads section.

The Future of Immortal Invisible War

  • Read Here: from the current designer - Rick Don

July 2010:

GenCon Information for 2010

  • The three events (hosted thru Infinite Imaginations, Inc.) are listed on our GenCon page.

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What's happening out there beyond the perception of most mortal eyes and ears.  Remember, the Immortal game universe is one year behind the real world.  You can also submit events from your campaign, we will review them and adjust if needed to fit them into the canon events of the Immortal Invisible War game universe.

SUBMIT YOUR CAMPAIGN EVENTS (for possible inclusion in Radio Eternity News)

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March 2008:

Hemari rescues whales - Mahia Beach, North Island, New Zealand

  • After a group of pygmy sperm whales had repeatedly beached themselves, a group of local conservation officers along with other people had tried in vain for over an hour to get the whales to return to sea.  To their amazement, a dolphin appeared from out in sea, apparently communicated with the whales and then led them back out into the sea and to safety.  The bottlenose dolphin, called Moko by local residents, has long been a permanent fixture of the area, often playing with swimmers off Mahia beach on the east coast of North Island.  Conservation officer Malcolm Smith was quoted as saying "I don't speak whale and I don't speak dolphin, but there was obviously something that went on because the two whales changed their attitude from being quite distressed to following the dolphin quite willingly and directly along the beach and straight out to sea."

  • "Moko" as the local Hemari Keeper is known, has been patrolling the area of Mahia Beach since before the Great Betrayal, and was happy to lend a hand to the local mortals in rescuing the whales.

Herbal Remedy Killer - Jambi, Sumatra Island, Indonesia

  • Indonesian police say they are investigating the deaths of 21 people who drank a concoction labeled an herbal remedy. Lt. Col. Yatim Suyatmo said Friday officers had yet to determine whether the brew was deliberately poisoned or inadvertently contaminated during production. The victims in the town of Jambi on Sumatra island all died over the last two weeks, he said. He said the drink was made in a local factory. Scores of companies in Indonesia produce pills and drinks labeled as herbal remedies or tonics. The government, which is seeking to regulate the sector, say many contain unspecified chemicals.

  • A contingent of Tuatha are assisting in investigations as members of the Kodama Drove are reputed to be involved in the production of many of these "remedies".

Memorial Held for Arthur C Clarke - Sri Lanka

  • British science fiction writer Sir Arthur C Clarke has died in his adopted home of Sri Lanka at the age of 90. The Somerset-born author came to fame in 1968 when short story The Sentinel was made into the film 2001: A Space Odyssey by director Stanley Kubrick. His visions of space travel and computing sparked the imagination of readers and scientists alike. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse paid tribute, hailing the writer as a "great visionary". Since 1995, the author had been largely confined to a wheelchair by post-polio syndrome. He died at 0130 local time (2000 GMT) of respiratory complications and heart failure, according to his aide, Rohan De Silva.

  • At over 600 locales spread across the globe, members from the Tribes gathered to mourn the passing of one of the greats.  the Bright-Blooded Sir Clarke on more than one occasion rejected advanced medical assistance from various Tribes, most notably the Eremite and Arachne.

Corsairs snub D'Arcade in public record - Nottingham Castle, Kent, England

  • The Corsairs paid tribute to their hero and leader when they gathered more than a thousand people to smash the official world record for the number of people dressed as Robin Hood in one place at one time. Record breakers clad in tights and tunics gathered at Nottingham Castle to pay tribute to the city's most famous outlaw. A total of 1116 people took part, almost double the previous world record of 606. Nottingham Castle manager Dave Green said: "There is a fantastic atmosphere today. We are delighted. We had no idea how the attempt would go, but to get more than a thousand people involved is brilliant. It is a real achievement. It was all about bringing people together and we have certainly done that. Nottingham is obviously very proud of Robin Hood and we wanted to show how proud. There were people from further afield here too. One man came over from Holland specifically for this event, and we had visitors from Australia and Canada." Nottingham Castle must now submit evidence of the event to Guinness World Records, before it is officially declared the record holder. All participants wore a hat with a feather, a green or brown tunic and green or brown trousers or tights. The event was organized to coincide with the Robin Hood Up Close exhibition at the castle until April 20.

  • The Corsairs broke off from D'Arcade to become defenders of the Soliatires over the course of the Great Betrayal, and the animosity and rivalry between the two groups has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years since.  D'Arcade had recently made incursions into the home town of Robin Locksley, and the Corsairs have had a contingent dispatched to deal with them for the last several months.  This has disrupted a number of operations of both the Magdalen and Tuatha in the region.

February 2008:

Lighter Shell found - Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

  • The shell of a Volkswagen Beetle hangs underneath the Lions Gate Bridge after it was left there by unknown persons as part of what mortal authorities believe to be a prank in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Authorities have determined that they will be able to remove the vehicle (hanging by a wiring system) from the bridge within 48 hours.

  • The truth of the story is a bit more complex though no suspects have been named or apprehended by Scourges as of yet.  The shell has been determined to mimic standard metals but is in fact organic and nature.  It is believed to be the shell of a very small lighter, and transformed by attentions into its current shape.  The shell apparently poses no threat to the mortal population and Jugglers are allowing mortal authorities to remove it from the bridge.  Once removed it will be switched with an identical real vehicular shell.

Drunkenstein - Tempe, Arizona USA

  • In October of last year a mortal named Kurt Havelock submitted for a liquor license to open a Halloween-themed bar/pub.  The application was denied when it was found out that a blog started by Havelock stated he would be naming the bar "Drunkenstein" instead of "The Haunted Castle" as stated in his application.  Now, on Super Bowl Sunday Havelock has turned himself in to authorities after plotting to kill people at the game using a rifle because of the liquor license dispute.  Having recently purchased an AR-15 assault rifle from the Scottsdale Gun Club, he mailed eight copies of a manifesto to media outlets in which he explained why he was planning to kill people at the game.  In the eight-page manifesto he said that the original site of the planned massacre was Scottsdale's Desert Ridge Marketplace, but that "scum and "villainy" are in Scottsdale and that instead he "will shed the blood of the innocent."  Havelock, who is in his mid-30s, is being detained by federal authorities and is suspected of mailing threatening communications.

  • Probes have determined that Havelock was being manipulated by members of D'Arcade in an attempt to alter the possible outcomes of the game.  A number of Harlequins discovered several weeks earlier that wagers over a "Death-Bowl" began throughout the black market communities both mortal and immortal.  Fortunately a number of Mystics were able to get to Havelock before going through with his plan and convince him otherwise.

Bomb Dream - North Sea, near Aberdeen

  • Protean Jugglers initiated the largest sea-based evacuation operation in the history of the North Sea this week when a massive operation to evacuate the North Sea oilrig "Britannia" was triggered by a Sleeper-induced nightmare in one of the workers.  The Protean have been investigating the rig and surrounding sea bed for the past several days, as it is believed the rig is being used to funnel rare minerals from the seabed by Drove Roane.  In order to obtain full access to the rig, the worker was implanted with a dream about a bomb on board the accommodation platform where the workers sleep.  Once the alarm was raised, a total of 14 civilian and military helicopters, along with two other RAF aircraft, were scrambled or involved in the incident, which airlifted nearly 650 people away from the production and accommodation platforms.

  • The Protean have yet to disclose their findings of investigating the platform during and after the evacuation, exactly what minerals were being brought to the surface, or what they believe the intended purpose was that caused the massive juggling undertaking to be inititated.

Castro retires - Cuba

  • Cuba's leader Fidel Castro has said he will not accept another term as president, ending 49 years in power.  "I neither will aspire to, nor will I accept, the position of president of the council of state and commander in chief," he told the newspaper, Granma.  The 81-year-old handed over power temporarily to his brother, Raul, in July 2006 when he underwent surgery.
  • Cuba has long been a hotbed of activity in battles between the Osiri and Drove Adze.  No one is pursuing any claim of being responsible for the shift in power, and the future of this island of note is now even more uncertain.

Bridge Thefts Continue - Cheb, Czech Republic

  • Police in the Czech republic are trying to find out who stole a 4 ton railway bridge from the border town of Cheb.  The company which was responsible for looking after the bridge raised the alarm when, ever alert, they noticed that the bridge wasn't there any more.  The bridge was on a disused stretch of line just outside Cheb.  Martina Hruskova, a spokeswoman for the Czech police, commented to AFP: 'We are not sure if it was taken for personal use or for its scrap value.' Exactly what that 'personal use' might be was left unsaid.  'It is the first time we have dealt with this type of theft,' she added.  Of course, it's not the first time some light-fingered bridge enthusiast has made off with a bridge. At least two bridges have been nicked in Russia in the past six months, and a pair of bridge thieves appropriated two Macedonian bridges last February.

  • Probes are currently attempting to link the bridge thefts and trying to see if there is a larger threat looming behind them.  Currently most attempts are revolving around the composition of the bridges and their specific locations to see if they can be linked together.

January 2008:

Terat Search for Goat Suspect - Lagos, Nigeria

  • One of Nigeria's biggest daily newspapers reported that police implicated a goat in an attempted automobile theft. In a front-page article on Friday, the Vanguard newspaper said that two men tried to steal a Mazda car two days earlier in Kwara State, with one suspect transforming himself into a goat as vigilantes cornered him.  The paper quoted police spokesman Tunde Mohammed as saying that while one suspect escaped, the other transformed into a goat as he was about to be apprehended.  The newspaper reported that police paraded the goat before journalists, and published a picture of the animal.  Police in the state couldn't immediately be reached for comment. 

  • Belief in black magic is widespread in Nigeria, particularly in far-flung rural areas where the Terat and Anopheles have vied for control for centuries.  Local Terat believe the suspect was a cult-follower of the Anopheles and have brought in several Slayers in an attempt to assist local Scourges in apprehending the suspect intact.

City Water Supply Saved - Maiden, North Carolina USA

  • A Phoenix Juggler came up with a simple solution to a low-level poisoning of the water supply of the town, he shot holes in the main water reserve tank where the poison had just been delivered.  Hundreds of thousands of gallons of water is draining from a water tower in Maiden because of recently discovered bullet holes.  The tower holds 750,000 gallons of water for Maiden, which is just south of Hickory. Officials must wait for most of the water to drain because repairs must be done inside the holding tank.  Catawba County Sheriff's deputy Major Coy Reid said the tower appears to have been shot three times with a high-powered rifle.  He said authorities believe the shooting took place early Monday morning.  Nearby residents heard gun shots but no one called authorities, so the damage wasn't discovered until hours later.

  • Followers of Drove Marzyc ("Nightmare") had just finished dropping a hallucinogenic substance into the water tower when members of the Peri -- who had been tracking them -- stopped them before they completed their work.  The Juggler dispatched to the scene quickly realized the poison was still sitting atop the surface of the water and had not settled.  Taking a simple mortal high-powered rifle in hand he shot three holes in the tank, thus allowing the substance to drain off before entering the town's water supply.

Woman Frozen to Rail Track - Tyumen, Siberia

  • A Russian woman was frozen to a railway track after she slipped and fell in temperatures of minus 30 Celsius and grabbed the metal track with her bare hands.  Irina Ivanova, 62, slipped as she walked across railway tracks in Tyumen in western Siberia. But when she tried to get up she found her bare hand had stuck to the track in the cold.  She was found an hour later by a passer by who called rescue services. Workers who could not free her hand from the metal track had to use welding torches to cut the metal - and she was taken to hospital where doctors managed to release her.  She was treated for hypothermia and frost bite - and doctors are still waiting to see if she will lose the use of her hand or not.

  • The woman had accidentally walked into the ending of a battle between Osiri and Vulcari members of the Russalki Drove, the battle created a hostile frozen terrain in the area.

Scots Authors NOT English - Washington DC, USA

  • One of the world's largest libraries has reversed a controversial decision to reclassify Scots authors as English. Writers, politicians and academics in Scotland reacted angrily when the Library of Congress in the US first made the proposal.  The move would have seen classic novels like "The Thirty Nine Steps" by the Scottish author John Buchan, listed as an English adventure story.  Scottish Culture Minister Linda Fabiani welcomed the U-turn.  "I am delighted that the Library of Congress has listened to our concerns and recognized the distinctive nature of Scottish literature," she said.  "In fact I recently discussed this with Congressman McIntyre of the Friends of Scotland Caucus to make our position clear.   I am sure this will help those exploring the wealth and wonders of Scottish literature while properly acknowledging our nation's great contribution over the years and the success of modern day writers."  The British Library also said it supported the decision to return to classifying Scottish literature as a separate category.

  • In an unusual twist, Scottish Tuatha and British Magdalen both sent representatives to the United States to lobby the rather complicated pathways of United States government in order to allow the separation and individual distinctions to remain.  Both tribes have a long, distinguished histories and cultures and the mingling of the two in this case was quickly deemed inappropriate.

Bridge Disaster Barely Averted - Glasgow, Scotland

  • Mortal Engineers were left trying to determine the cause of a failed support cable after Tuatha forces clashed with predators from Dove Fir Bholg over the River Clyde.  The Clyde Arc bridge - better known as the "Squinty Bridge" - has been closed since a loud snapping noise was heard late Monday night.  A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said the damaged cable, which fell onto the carriageway, would be sent back to the manufacturers for testing.  In the meantime efforts were being made to organize traffic management systems, she said.  The spokeswoman added: "The bridge is designed to allow for struts to be removed one at a time to be repaired.  We don't believe the bridge's integrity is at risk, but it has been closed for public safety reasons."

  • Two Tuatha Slayers were consigned to the Blue Air and the whereabouts of the Fir Bholg predators loosed upon the bridge remain unknown.  The Tuatha are preparing information to be passed to other tribes present in the area with details concerning the creatures so they can be properly hunted by all.

December 2007:

Skipping Time - Caracas, Venezuela

  • An initiative by Drove Anopheles succeeded earlier this month as President Hugo Chavez has ordered the creation of a new time-zone for Venezuela.  This places the time in Venezuela 30 minutes off from standard time zones the country actually occupies.  While Venezuelans consider this a boon, granting them additional daylight hours in the morning, opponents criticize the move as it disrupts the countries ability to be in sync with the rest of the business world.  The Arachne Tribe has sent representatives into the area to work with Hemari in finding ways to reverse the decision by the Venezuelan government.

[glow.jpg]Kitty Glow - Jinju City, South Korea

  • South Korean scientists have cloned cats by manipulating a fluorescent protein gene, a procedure which could help develop treatments for human genetic diseases, officials said today.  In a side-effect, the cloned cats glow in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet beams.  A team of scientists led by Kong Il-keun, a cloning expert at Gyeongsang National University, produced three cats possessing altered fluorescence protein (RFP) genes, the Ministry of Science and Technology said.  "It marked the first time in the world that cats with RFP genes have been cloned," the ministry said in a statement.  "The ability to produce cloned cats with the manipulated genes is significant as it could be used for developing treatments for genetic diseases and for reproducing model (cloned) animals suffering from the same diseases as humans," it added.
  • Both the Dracul and Terat Tribes have taken a particular interest in this, after a biological agent of the Tengu that was forcibly injected into multiple members of both tribes.  It not only caused an identical side-effect, but also created some form of tracking beacon that allowed tracking even through barriers form Earth into various mantles.

Captain Kidd Returns - Catalina Island, Dominican Republic

  • The Tuatha patroned William "Captain" Kidd, who terrorized Anopheles Quiet Cultures throughout the Caribbean during the reformation of the Stratagem in the late 1600's, has at last revealed.  Wreckage of a pirate ship abandoned by Captain Kidd in the 17th century has been found by divers in shallow waters off the Dominican Republic, a research team claims.  The underwater archaeology team, from Indiana University, says they have found the remains of Quedagh Merchant, actively sought by treasure hunters for years. 
  • Charles Beeker of IU said his team has been licensed to study the wreckage and convert the site into an underwater preserve for the public.  It is remarkable that the wreck has remained undiscovered all these years given its location, just 70 feet off the coast of Catalina Island in the Dominican Republic in less than 10 feet of seawater.  "I've been on literally thousands of shipwrecks in my career," Beeker said. "This is one of the first sites I've been on where I haven't seen any looting. We've got a shipwreck in crystal clear, pristine water that's amazingly untouched. We want to keep it that way, so we made the announcement now to ensure the site's protection from looters."  The find is valuable because of what it could reveal about William Kidd and piracy in the Caribbean, said John Foster, California's state underwater archaeologist, who is participating in the research.
  • Since the announcement, a number of Explorers and Merchants from both the Tuatha and Hemari Tribes have been dispatched into the area of Catalina Island.

The Great (Language) Divide -

  • The language divide that has led to Belgium's political deadlock has also spread to its Miss Belgium contest. French-speaking Miss Belgium winner Alizee Poulicek, 20, was booed by parts of a 3,400-strong Antwerp audience when she revealed she could not speak Dutch.  When the show's presenter quizzed her on her hopes for the future, she said: "I didn't understand, can you repeat?"  The beauty queen's language skills take on a wider significance as Belgium is still without a government six months after elections amid political stalemate between the main Dutch- and French-speaking parties.
  • This divide has continued on in part due to internal political struggles sponsored by Magdalen and the Thulian Drove as they vie for control for Belgium which sits between the Magdalen influence of France and the Thulian influences from Germany and other Slavic nations.

November 2007:

Virtual Arrest - Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • An investigation initiated in Amsterdam by Dutch police, under the guidance of an Arachne Scourge, have made their first arrest of an online thief – a 17-year-old accused of stealing virtual furniture from rooms in the Habbo Hotel – a popular teenager networking Web site.  An Amsterdam police spokeswoman confirmed a report that the teenager was accused of stealing €4,000 worth of virtual furniture by hacking into the accounts of other users.  Four other 15-year-olds have also been questioned in the case, which was instigated by the Web site. They are suspected of moving the stolen furniture into their own online hotel rooms.  Habbo users can create their own characters, decorate their own rooms and play a number of games, paying with Habbo Credits, which they have to buy with real cash.

Egg in your Nog - Maine, United States

  • The Smiling Hill Farm, which has operated a small stronghold for the Peri underneath the land it sits upon, came under fire when the US Food and Drug Administration attempted to bring the farm to its knees.  During their yearly inspection, the inspector discovered that the bottle cap -- the only place on the otherwise all-glass container with any printing -- was out of federal compliance:  eggs were not listed as an ingredient.  The FDA notified the Maine Department of Agriculture that all Smiling Hill egg nog on store shelves -- about 400 gallons at that point -- had to be recalled to protect people with egg allergies who don't know there's egg in egg nog.
  • After a protracted battle utilizing a small but significant amount of Peri resources in the area, the farm was not forced to pull its entire distributed supply from store shelves (which would have crippled the farm monetarily).  Fortunately Maine's chief dairy inspector, Ashley Slattery, was able to put a stop to the recall, and bypassed the issue with a set of hand-made labels that were affixed to all outgoing shipments until such time as a new bottle cap can be created.  It is currenly believed that the attack was orchestrated by a coalition of the Fir-Bolg Morlocks and Thulien agents within the state government of Maine.

Death by Dumpling - Hubei, China

  • A group of Gaki followers working at a recycling station in Hubei were dispatched by members of the Tribe of Sharakai in a most unusual way.  The flour that the cook normally used in his preparation of rice dumplings was switched with rat poison.  The cook and the five worshippers were all killed.  Sharakai Jugglers have led mortal investigators to believe that the company -- Chen, which sells rat poison as a business -- had inadvertently placed some of the deadly chemicals in the kitchen and the cook simply reached for the wrong ingredient and added it without examining the container.  China is currently in the middle of a nationwide campaign to improve food and product safety after a string of international scares tainting its export reputation.  With the government already worried about lax safety endangering the country's own citizens, the supposed failure of the chef was easily passed off; reports of usually non-fatal food poisoning at school canteens and restaurants, especially in the countryside, are common.

Roane attack Tuatha Shores - Glens of Antrim, Northern Ireland

  • The only salmon farm in Northern Ireland has lost its entire population of more than 100,000 fish, worth $2 million, to a spectacular jellyfish attack, its owners said.  The Northern Salmon Co. Ltd. said billions of jellyfish -- in a dense pack of about 10 square miles and 35 feet deep -- overwhelmed the fish last week in two net pens about a mile off the coast of the Glens of Antrim, north of Belfast.  Managing director John Russell said the company's dozen workers tried to rescue the salmon, but their three boats struggled for hours to push their way through the mass of jellyfish. All the fish were dead or dying from stings and stress by the time the boats reached the pens, he said.
  • The species of jellyfish responsible, Pelagia nocticula -- popularly known as the mauve stinger -- is noted for its purplish night-time glow and its propensity for terrorizing bathers in the warmer Mediterranean Sea. Until the past decade, the mauve stinger has rarely been spotted so far north in British or Irish waters, and scientists cite this as evidence of global warming.  Tuatha forces with the aid of the Proteans have been able to push the mass of jellyfish back out away from the coastline, but may be forced to destroy them, which will most likely have an even greater adverse effect on the underwater ecosystem of the area in the process.

October 2007:

Eremite Food Bank robbed - Indianapolis, IN

  • Thieves caused freezers and a cooler to fail when they stole copper tubing from the Gleaners Food Bank at the end of the week, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in food meant for the needy to spoil.  The theft was not discovered until after the weekend, meaning that food sat without proper cooling through the weekend.  Mortal surveillance video shows two thieves identified only as males; mortal authorities believe the copper tubing was stolen to sell to scrap yards.  This is the third time that the food bank has been targeted for its copper tubing, and this theft caused the ruination of nearly $475,000.00 worth of food.
  • Eremites are still trying to piece together the thefts and have found no evidence of mortal sale of the tubing.  Keepers have now been stationed at the food bank on rotational shifts in an attempt to catch the thieves should they try again.  Gleaners has been under Eremite stewardship for the past two years and has sent out several million dollars in food donations to the needy within Indiana.

Terat & Arachne joint effort undermines secrecy at Angkor Wat against Tengu - Angkor Wat, Cambodia

  • A joint effort between Terat ground forces and Arachne agents within NASA has made gains in mapping out possible areas of the Angkor Wat mantle, currently controlled by the Tengu.  Using NASA satellites, an international mortal team has located the remains of 74 new temples and a set of complex irrigation systems.  This new mapping, which is believed to be imitated almost exactly within the mantle, extends knowledge of the mantle's interior by approximately 1000 sq. km., about the size of Los Angeles in the United States.


Bête Noire driven monkeys raid local villages - Kenya, Africa

  • A troop of close to 300 vervet monkeys is giving Kenyan villagers long days and sleepless nights.  Laughter erupted in the Kenyan parliament when local authorities attempted to explain the situation.  The monkeys have started invading the farms at dawn. They eat the village's maize, potatoes, beans and other crops. And because women are primarily responsible for the farms, they have borne the brunt of the problem, as they try to guard their crops.  Additionally, the monkeys have begun making sexually explicit gestures at local females and children, but shy away from males within the local villages.  Meanwhile, the Kenyan Wildlife Service has warned local villages not to harm or kill any of the monkeys, as it is a criminal offense.  In response residents have been attempting to harvest their crops early, but the monkeys have begun breaking into homes to steal the crops; a food crises has begun in several Kenyan villages.
  • Terat Quiet Cultures have begun organizing "monkey squads" to keep track of their movements, but have had little success as the monkeys move through such a large area.  A number of Terat slayers are being called back to Kenya in an attempt to track down what is believed to be a group of Bete Noire at the center of the simian army.  As of late the monkeys have come close to doing physical harm and have almost attacked several villagers; probes warn that based on their growing atrocities that they will soon be set to physically attack local mortals.

Sculptor leaves heads on doorsteps - Wakefield, West Yorkshire

  • A reclusive sculptor said to shun publicity was revealed yesterday as the man behind the 19 mysterious carved stone heads on doorsteps across northern England.  Billy Johnson, who does not own a telephone or a television, is thought to be unaware that he has been identified as the source of the works, left at night in villages throughout North, West and South Yorkshire.  Bemused recipients have found at least 19 heads, each bearing a cryptic symbol spelling out the word “paradox” and a rhyming couplet, usually “Twinkle, twinkle like a star. Does love flourish from afar?” Mr Johnson, 43, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, is said to have delivered as many as 57 heads, beginning in late August, to a series of apparently random addresses including private homes, a post office and a hotel.  A friend, Judy Alston, said the artist was curious to see the reactions of those who received his art works.  “He is not interested in publicity and he’ll be shocked that this has generated so much interest,” she said.
  • This was done as a joint effort between the Magdalen and Peri tribes in order to track movements of the Fir Bholg Drove, recently known to be operating in the area.  The stones have been left in place by most residents and the current cover story has been taken to well with the local populace.

September 2007:

Shadowen continue attempts at influence over Russian government - Ulyanovsk, Russia

  • A Russian region best known as the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin has found a novel way to fight the nation’s birthrate crisis: It has declared Sept. 12 the Day of Conception and for the third year running is giving couples time off from work to procreate.  The hope is for a brood of babies exactly nine months later on Russia’s national day. Couples who “give birth to a patriot” during the June 12 festivities win money, cars, refrigerators and other prizes.  Ulyanovsk, a region on the Volga River about 550 miles east of Moscow, has held similar contests since 2005. Since then, the number of competitors, and the number of babies born to them, has been on the rise.  Russia, with one-seventh of the Earth’s land surface, has just 141.4 million citizens, making it one of the most sparsely settled countries in the world. With a low birthrate and very high death rate, the population has been shrinking since the early 1990s.  It is now falling by almost half a percent each year. Demographic experts expect the decline to accelerate, estimating that Russia’s population could fall below 100 million by 2050.
  • For the past several centuries, the Shadowen have always maintained a limited contact policy with humanity in such matters, even working towards policy among the tribal predecessors to initiate culling, in order to limit the mortal population.  The Anopheles began these contests roughly three years ago in a bid to gain some form of dominance over the country, Eremite and Hemari forces have worked diligently in order to keep that influence from having a corrupting effect on the human populace.  However, this year the Shadowen have entered the fray, in attempts to push other small mortal population centers into hosting the same form of contest.  This sudden change in behavior and policy has been most perplexing to the Tribes and investigative efforts to discover why this is now being done by the Shadowen have proved fruitless to date.

Battle between Tribe Sharakai and Drove Sainha leads to destroyed airliner - Okinawa Island, Japan

  • A Taiwanese airliner burst into fire today moments after landing in southern Japan, but all 165 passengers and crew made a dramatic escape.  Giant flames and plumes of black smoke erupted from the China Airlines jet just eight minutes after it landed from Taipei at Naha airport on Okinawa island.  "When we looked out the window, everything was covered with fire,'' an unidentified male passenger told reporters.  "It was just a few minutes after we got off that the fire swallowed the aircraft and we heard a blast.''  Firefighters sprayed hoses full of foam on the Boeing 737-800, which turned into little more than a charred skeleton and collapsed into pieces by the time the blaze was put out an hour later.  Air traffic controllers noticed fumes after the plane landed following the flight of one hour and 20 minutes, and advised evacuation, Japanese officials said. 
  • It was later found that an oil leak had caused an engine fire, according to China Airlines, after extensive work by Jugglers from the Sharakai and Peri Tribes who assisted in the cover-up.  A Sharakai Keeper discovered the Progeny during the last 30 minutes of the 1-hour 20-minute flight.  The Progeny attempted to slip down into the baggage compartment of the jet but was caught by the Slayer.  The fight raged through the underbelly of the jet, causing a number of critical systems to catch fire just after landing.

[beefeater.jpg]First Female Beefeater, Hemari force Morrigan recognition - London, United Kingdom

  • The first female Beefeater has made history by officially going on duty at the Tower of London.  Moira Cameron, 42, from Argyll, beat five men to the £20,000-a-year job as Yeoman Warder.  She said it was a "great privilege" to work and live at the Tower as she donned the famous blue and scarlet uniform for her first duties on Monday.  Miss Cameron joined the Army aged 16 and served the required 22 years in the Forces to become eligible for the post.  While posing for a barrage of cameras she admitted carrying a mirror and lip gloss in the "wonderful big pockets" of the blue uniform dress.  She described the Tower as "magical" saying: "It's just a wonderful job and I'm very, very lucky to have it.  "You wake up in the morning and you know you're going to have a good day."
  • This is a major victory for the still fledgling Hemari Tribe, in forcing an ages-old Morrigan tradition to change.  The Morrigan were instrumental in creating the Beefeaters, a mortal retort to the female Valkryies of the Tribe.  It has held fast as a male-only position among well-regarded mortals hand-picked by the Morrigan for centuries.  The Hemari push to open the position to all genders was initially disregarded by the Morrigan as a simple means to further their status within the Tribal society, but this political victory assures a much more prominent view of the Hemari and a region normally thought of for male-only warriors.

Moscow sells its own "Brooklyn Bridge"? - Moscow, Russia

  • An enterprising 45-year-old truck driver has been arrested and charged with stealing a small bridge spanning a river southeast of Moscow, police said.  It was "the bulkiest theft of the year", police in the Ryazan region said in a statement posted on their website on Thursday.  The man, who was not named, used his company vehicle to cart away the five-metre metal bridge, which he then chopped up and sold as scrap, the statement said.
  • Scourges from the Tribes have yet to discover why the driver, a Russalki thrall, stole the bridge in the first place, or how he managed to detach the bridge from its moorings and load it onto the truck.

Pasta Strike - Italy

  • On the 13 September, there will be no spaghetti, fettucine, farfalle or rigatoni in Italy, as the country goes on its first-ever pasta strike.  Angry Italians are downing their forks in response to a 30 percent price rise in the nation's favourite food, along with steep rises in the price of coffee, mozzarella, bread, biscuits and schoolbooks.  A second strike over the increase in the price of a cup of coffee in a cafe, from 70 euro cents (50p) to one euro, has also been threatened.  According to Italy's four largest consumer groups, the average household in the Bel Paese will be stung for an extra £700 this year on their shopping.  "Giving up pasta for the day will be a symbolic gesture," said a spokesman for the consumer groups. "Italians should not buy any pasta that day, and try their best not to eat it at home."  Most Italians eat pasta at least once a day, and consume around 54 kilograms over the course of the year.  According to a recent Hemari-led study, many of them prefer pasta to all other pleasures. A survey by SWG, a polling company, found that nearly half of all Italian men and women would never give it up and would rather have a plate of spaghetti than sex.
  • This is a bold move in the country as a contingent of the Phoenix tribe begins to assert itself for the first time in its history.  It is a move that has enraged the Magdalen who almost completely dominate the country save for the sovereign Vatican City, not under any Tribe or Drove control.  Eremites fear the possible rippling effects of faith that may emanate from such a large scale incident within a country that houses a place as potent in faith as Vatican City within its borders.

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