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If you know of a great site (or perhaps even your own) that should be included in our listings, please let us know via the contact page.

Disclaimer:  Any and all views, opinions and/or materials shown or expressed on these websites are the responsibility of the owner of that site, and do not reflect any official stance, opinion or statement of Jikkarro Enterprises, its affiliates, agents and/or licensors.  Please see our copyrights page for more information.

Related Sites

These are sites officially related to Immortal and its creator Ran Ackels

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Shining Ones

The official site of the artist and writer Valerhon.

Fan Sites

These are sites owned and operated by some of the fans of Immortal Invisible War.

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Immortal MySpace Group

If you have a MySpace account, let the world know you love Immortal and find others who do.
Group just created on August 4th, 2008.

Useful Sites

These are sites you may find useful for potential starting points of research and inspiration for your own campaigns..

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Myths and Legends

Hasn't been updated in years, but is still a good resource.

Sacred Destinations

A nice site showing a variety of sacred sites, ancient wonders and religious places around the world as they say.

Encyclopedia Mythica

One of the premier dedicated mythology resources on the web with over 7,000 articles.


Of course Wikipedia is always a good starting place for basic research.  Some of our favorite areas include:

Mr. Good Post

A fun source for odd and weird news to use as ideas in your campaigns.  Updated monthly with strange news from around the world.

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