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Character Registry
Character Info Locale Himsati and Motif Narrator Notes Personal Info
Tanael - Tuatha, Explorer Australia - Nomadic Sea Hawk with a Motif of: Golden Sunlight
Muz -- cowboymat72 -at- yahoo.com.au -- Australia, NSW
Morgan - Tuatha, Mystic Austria - Nomadic Falcon with a Motif of: Light and Music
Info Witheld By Request
Egil - Morrigan, Explorer Canada - Alberta Raven with a Motif of: Nordic Runes
Justin Hansen -- Canada, Alberta
Ba'alzamon - Phoenix, Slayer Canada - Montreal Griffon with a Motif of: Wind
Jake Daniels -- USA, Texas
Tashiro - Morrigan, Keeper Canada - Ontario Raven with a Motif of: Thunder Awoke in early 90's Christopher LaHaise -- foxtrot -at- comnet.ca -- Canada, Ontario
Michael Charon - Phoenix, Keeper Canada - Ontario fire-falcon with a Motif of: fire
Rick -- knightfyre -at- sympatico.ca -- Canada, Ontario
Michael Charon - Phoenix, Mystic Canada - Ontario Smoke Falcon with a Motif of: Smoke and Fire Mentors another group of Reborn Info Witheld By Request
Nikki Arana - Hemari, Harlequin Canada - Quebec Artic Wolf with a Motif of: Frost See her adventures at www.darkinkproductions.com/forum - in the RPG section Adrian Clermont -- Canada, Quebec
Arturo the Lorekeeper - Unknown, Mentor Czech Republic - Prague Gargoyle with a Motif of: Symbol Scribing
Rick Don -- USA, Florida
Foukira Al-Daweesh - Osiri, Juggler Egypt - Kairo Ibis with a Motif of: Scarab beetle
Gianna Lupardini -- Germany, Hamburg
Cornelius - Phoenix, Harlequin England - London Hawk with a Motif of: Illusion
Jason Pickering -- jprp -at- supanet.com
Thomas von Wolff - Hemari, Slayer Germany - Hamburg Wolf with a Motif of: non yet Skin is pure and white, nearly translucent. Harald Zimmer -- Harald -at- ramrod-infantry.de -- Germany, Hamburg
Belphagor Estian - Eremite, Mystic Germany - Hamburg Demon with a Motif of: Runes
Dennis Spethmann -- Germany, Hamburg
Ulberich - Peri, Scourge Germany - Schleswig-Holstein Mace with a Motif of: Stone Magic
André Eichler -- AndreEichler -at- gmx.de -- Germany, Schleswig-Holstein
Aeoliah Lionheart - Phoenix, Mentor Israel - Israel Lion with a Motif of: Fire (Sun)
Pedro Milanesi -- aeoliah_lionheart -at- yahoo.com -- Brasil, São Paulo
Itsuno Kani - Solitaire, Mystic Japan - Red Fox with a Motif of: Fire
Emily-Shea -- Animegrl713 -at- aol.com
Makoto "Mac" - Hemari, Emissary Japan - Tokyo Red-Crowned Crane with a Motif of: snow Formely known as Kodai no Kodomo of the Sharakai Dan Hegedus -- llightw -at- yahoo.com -- Japan, Hokkaido
Luciano Corva - Phoenix, Scourge Missouri - St. Louis Light (former Shadow) with a Motif of: Light
Christian Brüggen -- kredithai -at- freenet.de -- Germany, Schleswig-Holstein
Sphynx - Morrigan, Keeper Netherlands - Winged Lion with a Motif of: Smell of Rain
David Joiner -- sphynx01 -at- gmail.com -- Netherlands,
Chrysalis - Arachne, Emissary Scotland - Highland Butterfly with a Motif of: Bioluminescence
Chris Hodges -- myndkiller2 -at- yahoo.com -- USA, Kentucky
Mardosch Eriksson - Peri, Slayer Sweden - Gargoyle with a Motif of: Stone
Andreas Raczek -- Mardosch -at- web.de -- Germany, Schleswig-Holstein
Erik Lynholm - Magdalen, Mentor Sweden - Stockholm Raven with a Motif of: Air Travelling healer, scribe, bard and sorcerer Markus Rosenstock -- Germany, Northern Germany
Zanryu Reivax - Shadowen, Scourge USA - Arizona Nebulous Shadow with a Motif of: Thunder and Lightning
Xavier Tucker -- USA, Arizona
Random - Solitaire, Slayer USA - Arizona Cambian with a Motif of: Thunder
Nathan Chigges -- randomshaman -at- yahoo.com -- USA, Arizona
Ren - Morrigan, Harlequin USA - Colorado black panther with a Motif of: bright blue nimbus
Brandi Morrigan -- juniperbloodraven -at- gmail.com -- USA, Tennessee
Scott Winters - Phoenix, Keeper USA - Georgia, Atlanta Fiery Hawk with a Motif of: Flaming Avians
Jame Wilson -- levitator2 -at- aol.com -- USA, Tennessee
Daemon - Terat, Slayer USA - Illinois Bahamut of the Eclipse with a Motif of: Essence of the
Dylan Heinrich -- USA, Arizona
Michael Zack - Morrigan, Slayer USA - Illinois Angelic Figure with a Motif of: Light Awoke in the late 90's Michael Zack -- Michael_Zack_2 -at- yahoo.com -- USA, Illinois
Joe Pain - Peri, Slayer USA - Illinois, St. Louis Silver bastard sword with a Motif of: Roses
Ole Reimers -- Germany, Schleswig-Holstein
Shawn - Sharakai, Probe USA - Iowa Whooping Crane with a Motif of: Music and Light Brother to Ash Pryder of the Morrigan Shawn Ervin -- strdervin -at- msn.com -- USA, Iowa
Damocles - Peri, Keeper USA - Kentucky Obsidian Gargoyle with a Motif of: smoke and flame Awoke in the mid 90's Info Witheld By Request
Timothy Rassanen - Morrigan, Tactician USA - Massachusetts Raven with a Motif of: Lightning and Shadows
August David Jacoby -- anopheles7480 -at- yahoo.com -- USA, Georgia
Damon James Hecklar - Hemari, Tactician USA - Massachusetts South African Vampire Bat with a Motif of: Fire and Shadow Originally a criminal lawyer out of Boston Jeff Willoughby -- hecklar7 -at- yahoo.com
Samuel Li - Hemari, Harlequin USA - New York White Tiger with a Motif of: Animated Object Awoke in the early 90's as a Solitiare, joined the Hemari after the Great Betrayal during the formation of the Tribes Sam McClendon -- allnitedj72 -at- hotmail.com
M - Arachne, Scourge USA - New York Glass Spider with a Motif of: Glass, spiders
Info Witheld By Request
Bran - Magdalen, Probe USA - New York Raven with a Motif of: Feathers & Dark Native American originally of Tribe Morrigan Ernie Givens -- erniegivens -at- hotmail.com
Jeremiah Saint Clay - Morrigan, Mystic USA - New York, Manhattan Esoteric Falcon of Wind. with a Motif of: Wind and Lightn Owns Manhattan nightclub called "The Blue Air" and has a "daughter" named Nicole. Walter R. Stenz -- USA, Wisconsin, Madison
Galvin Nim - Arachne, Harlequin USA - Ohio Locust with a Motif of: Swams, fog
Jason Thurman -- USA, Ohio
Antonio Vistcoatis - Magdalen, Tactician USA - Ohio Ring Tailed Lemur with a Motif of: Earth, sand, Br
Ron VanBlarcum -- xaocad -at- hotmail.com -- USA, Ohio
J - Phoenix, Emissary USA - Ohio Fire Macaw with a Motif of: Fire. and light
J Agard -- USA, Ohio
Paladin - Magdalen, Keeper USA - Oklahoma Cat with a Motif of: Electricity
Christopher Mathieu -- heroforge -at- cox.net -- USA, Oklahoma
Vincenzo - Sharakai, Mystic USA - Pennsylvania Golden Eagle with a Motif of: Spirit Born Sleeper Info Witheld By Request
Little Python - Protean, Slayer USA - Texas Sea Viper with a Motif of: Blue Fire Redeemed Roane, on probation until 2100. Info Witheld By Request
Paul - Osiri, Slayer USA - Texas Mantis with a Motif of: Clouds, Smoke, Formerly known as "The Pursuer" and Jerod Gray. Very few are able to perceive his himsati form. Edmund Wilfong -- pneumonica -at- hell.com
Kendrosthenes - Magdalen, Probe USA - Texas White and Silver Gyrfalco with a Motif of: Sunlight
Aaron -- kendrosthenes at sbcglobal.net -- USA, Texas
Gavin Monorth - Osiri, Juggler USA - Wisconsin Desmodus Bat with a Motif of: Tortured Spirit
Jeff Seidman -- jeffseidman -at- hotmail.com -- USA, California
Perrilan - Phoenix, Keeper USA - Wisconsin Fire Wolf (timberwolf mad with a Motif of: Cobalt blue lum Emerged in the mid 90's only to be forced into Ennui early during the Great Betrayal, has now re-emerged. Max Wellenstien -- maxwellenstein -at- gmail.com -- USA, Wisconsin